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VI/ flat / hand painted LOGO Designer
Album / page / poster / Advertisement
Packaging Designer
UI Designer / user interface
Business card / card / ticket / letter / sign / Sticker
Cover / layout / typesetting
Signboard / door / exhibition board
PPT design
PDF production and processing
Photo / image processing
Illustrator / sketch / painting, etc.
Cartoon / cartoon / mascot
Signature / font design
VI Designer
Architecture and decoration Commercial / public service
Autodesk Homestyler
Architecture Designer
Sculpture design
Outdoor facilities
Landscape / Environmental Art
Luqiao / hydropower / others
Product / industrial /3D design Desk calendar, handicraft, etc.
Product appearance modeling
3D animation / technology / others
Electronic circuit /PLC
Industrial design / others
Website / software design and development Website designer / whole station
Web Designer / Art Designer
Programming / programming
data base
Android Development Engineer
IOS Development Engineer
Software designer / others
Optimize / evaluate /SEO
Copywriting and planning Article / explanation / Lecture Notes
Slogans and slogans
Film script
Website planning
Marketing / promotion planning
Event planning
Game planning
Business plan
Golden idea expert / experience
Copywriter / planning others
Naming Personal name
Company name
Product / brand name
Other naming
translate English?
Other languages
AV /Flash Flash animation / Technology
Video production / editing
Dubbing / recording
Recording and writing
Audio production / editing
E-book / photo album
Video and audio - other
Life and others Mood / emotion / love and marriage
Typing / proofreading
Lyrics creation
Clothing / t-shirt design
Connections / Talents
Special Education (deaf mutes, etc.)
Legal advice / lawyer
Printing / fast printing
Trademark registration service
Speculation / promotion
Life / others
Code / post / vote etc.
Database System Engineer
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I am a member of the Huzhou University in Zhejiang. I am a master of a university in China. I am a doctorate of several foreign universities. I have served many famous companies in China and abroad for many years, and I will be able to speak English, French, German and Russian. I have engaged in many kinds of business in the past, including international trade, marketing, quality management, purchasing and supply chain management, foreign language (I am familiar with English, German, French, Russian and a little Greek). --IT technology includes chip design, network search and data mining. Program development, etc., as well as general management techniques, etc., the industry involved in electricity, nuclear power, solar energy and a number of other industries.
 Witkey contact It is good at all kinds of software, websites, app, small programs, script assisted comprehensive development. Www.kymall.top
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
Micro stack technology
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
Seven colors 99
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade
IT master
 Witkey contact The winning bid of Hubei Shiyan Twenty-eight Cumulative $129410 I am familiar with software development website making web page layout, WeChat development needs friends can contact me!
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
A small piece of jade
Wind and wind Start up Yun Yun scattered
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
 Witkey contact 10 years experience in technical team management, good at JavaEE application design and development.
 Witkey contact Yulin District, Guangxi Province Database System Engineer
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
Trusteeship base
 Witkey contact Our team is an experienced engineer developed by PHP. You provide the best quality products and services. The development team has been established for many years, with advanced development concepts and technologies as its core and strong technical service team as its support. It is committed to providing excellent e-commerce application solutions, enterprise website systems, marriage registration procedures, system platform development and value-added services for small and medium-sized owners and enterprises.
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade
Eagle Vincent
 Witkey contact I am good at various servers Windows server system installation and various services building and Hyper-V virtualization deployment, as well as simple enterprise level routing switch configuration and hardware firewall security mechanism policy settings.
Operation and maintenance studio
 Witkey contact Linux platform services, system security, database security and tuning, enterprise mailbox, intelligent DNS, Linux cluster, load balancing, monitoring system construction, website architecture design, etc.
Star boy wxj
Beijing City, Beijing Database System Engineer
 Witkey contact The third party WeChat source developed by ThinkPHP (Lok Ho, piggy pigcms, etc.), developed by WeChat, is the source of WeChat's third party WeChat platform (micro Union, WeChat housekeeper, etc.), WeChat customized development, WeChat docking CRM, OA, ERP, MIS and other systems, micro website production, sale of multi-user WeChat marketing system source code. Www.xblx.com.cn/weixin
 Witkey contact Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China, the university specializing in e-commerce website design and production, specializing in image processing, there are many technical resources of students, hope to adopt!
Phoenix tree leaves
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade
 Witkey contact Multi user WeChat marketing system source code
 Witkey contact Please contact QQ944509644 in Beijing, Beijing.
 Witkey contact Web development, java development, c++, C#, XML
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
 Witkey contact I am proficient in C# language and SQL database.
 Witkey contact The winning bid of Hebei Langfang One Cumulative $24 I am studying finance management in University.
One billion two hundred and eighty million fifty-five thousand two hundred and seven
 Witkey contact There are many large and medium-sized project experience: CRM, personal blog and so on. Expertise: software design, website development (JavaWeb direction)
 Witkey contact More than 20 years of programming experience, mainly engaged in database management, ASP, VB application development, CSDN programmer forum five star experts.
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
 Witkey contact Ios development, Android development, Ipad development, GUI design, GUI, Guangzhou Mdt InfoTech Ltd. Liang.shanzhi @ Gzmeo.com QQ:549828410 address: 213 website, 3 213 , Yimin Science Park, 232 Www.gzmeo.com Bo Guest: Http://38799890.blog.163.com/
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
 Witkey contact Winning bid for Shandong Weihai Five Cumulative $5.6 ?
No life without me
 Witkey contact Zhijin, Bijie, Guizhou. Just go for it.
Su Zhi Kai
 Witkey contact The winning bid of Guangdong Huizhou One Cumulative $.24 ? Database System Engineer
 Witkey contact Xi'an wins the bid Sixteen Cumulative $22684.8 Professional website design, website building, website marketing, website effect tracking, and overall solution provider.
Chinese medicine Yang
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
Zi Zi
 Witkey contact A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
Hu Yu Shui
A small piece of jade Database System Engineer
Shijiazhuang Database System Engineer
Nanning, Guangxi Database System Engineer
Snow Lily
 Witkey contact Shenzhen Database System Engineer
 Witkey contact Beijing City Database System Engineer
Crystal ball YINYIN
Beijing Database System Engineer
 Witkey contact Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province Database System Engineer
Hubei city proper Database System Engineer
Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Database System Engineer
Four year old child
 Witkey contact Beijing wins the bid Three Cumulative $245 ?
Peng Ting Ding
 Witkey contact Shenzhen Database System Engineer
Hou Wen Liang
 Witkey contact Baoding, Hebei Database System Engineer
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